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Obnoxious Jerks Stephen Manes

Obnoxious Jerks

Stephen Manes

Published July 1st 1988
ISBN : 9780553054880
212 pages
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 About the Book 

It started slower than I remembered, even though the skirts ARE mentioned almost immediately. I guess, not being a fourteen year old boy, I dont totally appreciate Chipirito Jalapeno Flavor Tortilla Chip salutes, and I could have stood WAY less time on Schwarzkopfs nominations for Obnoxious Jerks official products.All that said, once it gets going, the book was every bit as good as I remembered. And I enjoyed some of the official products responses to their new status. I especially liked the dating advice Frank had to get long distance from an old friend. Spot on.And, although most schools are now air conditioned, and dress codes a little more tolerant, the gender issues have not changed nearly as much as we might like to think since 1988.Fun reading.