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Masada: The Last Fortress Gloria D. Miklowitz

Masada: The Last Fortress

Gloria D. Miklowitz

Kindle Edition
198 pages
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 About the Book 

SOMEONE MUST SURVIVE TO TELL THE TRUTH!MASADA! THE very name resonates with unbowed pride and desire for religious and political freedom--in an era when Roma mastered the world with ruthless might. Masada---the site where a thousand Zealots chose mass suicide rather than endure slavery and humiliation as prisoners of the Tenth Legion. The rocky fortress in the Judean wilderness--once the glorious refuge of King Herod--stood massively aloof, complete with a hanging palace, cisterns for rain water, and walled ramparts. Masada--a thorn in Romes side, where the last remnants of Jewish resistance held out for almost 7 years.At the foot of this forbidding plateau General Flavius Silva planned his triumphal entry into the last stronghold of Middle Eastern resistance, albeit subtly undermined by his conniving subordinate, Marius. Yet when Silva finally obtained his objective and marched through the last of the defensive wallw, he was not destined to savor the spectacle of Jews in chains paraded through Rome to reflect his military glory. He was met only by a handful of survivors: an old woman, a middle-aged woman and a few children. Nothing was left to loot and only a little food--to prove that the people had not succumbed to starvation.By alternating chapters in first person narratives between the Jewish viewpoint (indicated by a sketch of a menorah) and that of the Roman commander (indicated by the Roman mounted Eagle) the author presents sympathetic accounts of both sides--an impressive literary feat. Although the outcome of the unequal siege is obvious, readers gain insight into the mentality of the youthful Jewish protagonist, Simon, and the middle-aged general--each with their respective personal goals. Simon comes of age during the last 7 months of his life, as he struggles with his new career, jealousy towards a former best friend, forbidden desire for Deborah, and gradual admiration for Salome. Were their fictionalized internal battles in vain?Today, so many centuries later, what unwritten message does Masada represent for all nations- what does it proclaim about an age when it was the victors who wrote the history books? What great sacrifice was made so that the truth about Jewish resistance might be known down through the ages? More than mere futile resisitance: the pride of a population dedicated to the Living God!(August 7, 2010. I welcome dialogue with teachers.)